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Space Coast Christian Fellowship Church | Merritt Island, FL




Joel is passionate about seeing people come to faith in Jesus Christ and growing in relationship with the Triune God: Father, Son & Holy Spirit. His goal of life and ministry: grow in relationship with God and people. His teaching and preaching reveal his heart for God. Joel is committed to Christ-centered life and ministry.

Doing life with others, he leads, guides, and equips the congregation to be all they can be in life and ministry. A second career pastor, Joel is a graduate of The Ohio State University and Asbury Theological Seminary. And most importantly a faithful (not perfect) disciple of Jesus.

Joel identifies himself as the “Sheepdog” for the Good Shepherd. He challenges us to grow and be all we can be as we journey together. He has been described by members of SCCF as a gifted pastor, zealous leader, passionate preacher, knowledgeable teacher, faithful servant, and loving friend.



Wren’s musical training began in her hometown of St Petersburg, FL. Not only did she learn to play the flute in junior high and high school bands, but she also began private flute lessons with a renowned flute teacher and continued to do so for six years. After high school, she continued to play in different community churches and also play with a group called The Second Time Arounders. After moving to the Space Coast, Wren and her family joined a Methodist church and the choir; she was a part of this church for more than 20 years. During that time she learned even more from the talented musicians and directors that made music there and eventually and humbly accepted the position of Choir Director.

Wren considers herself a joyful musician and singer. Praising God with every song. Her intentions are to spread the Word with music and rejoicing in the love of Jesus. The utmost goal in so doing is to please the Lord. She is known for her devotion to creating a spiritual service in connection with Pastor Joel’s enthusiastic sermons and encouraging the congregation to show up full of the Holy Spirit. She considers herself a servant of God and likes to say that God used her talents in ways she never expected and she is so grateful she was called.

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